Ricardo Lee-Eli Beach

Ricardo moved through this world too fast. Never fully feeling the gravity on his feet. He loved the things he loved, and didn't waste time worrying for much else.

Always in a hurry unless a bunny or beloved duck clung to him. Keeping his heartbeat with theirs, slowing him to a natural rhythm, while warm against his chest.  

His dark hair and beautiful eyes. Agile and quick to smile. He was ours to hold for a while, and to love. Like a rushing wind he could not be contained. 

We will search for him for the rest of our lives. Holding always in our hearts and our minds. Forever craving to hold him in our arms and whisper into his hair that he is loved. 

He will be at every table where we sit together, in every garden we plant, in the quiet moments where we look forward and back, our thoughts will float to him,

Our hearts are strung together by the life we have shared and the love between us. 

Ancestors who have traveled with him, will travel with him still, whispering guidance on the wind, and telling him the stories of love from this life.

Ricardo is survived by his parents, Brandon and Tami Beach, and his 8 siblings: Haley (Shairaz Siduh), Makenzie, Katie (Tony Muro), Olivia (Luis Petit), Jeremiah, Miguel, Nevaeh, and Jackson. His grandmothers, Karen Beach and Bona Coffey, and many beloved aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends. Also, his biological mom, Shawnett Eli, siblings, Cimberly and Erik, and grandpa Lee Eli. 

Godspeed little man. Sweet dreams little man. All our love will fly to you each night on angels' wings. Godspeed. Sweet dreams.